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Houston County Sheriff Department



Randy Hargrove

700A South 4th Street

Crockett, Texas 75835
Phone: 936-544-2862
Fax: 936-544-8061

Daisy Castillo
Administrative Assistant

Jerrod Vickers
Administrative Deputy

Jerry Baker
Administrative Lt.




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    Reason for Inquiry
  • Email:
    Reason for Inquiry
Roger Dickey
Chief Deputy

700A South 4th Street
Crockett, Texas 75835
Fax: 936-544-8061
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Houston County Judicial Officers
Sgt Joel Martin
Paul A. Biscamp
Casey Bradshaw


J'Darius Pruitt
Breanna Morris
Joseph Martin
Klinesha Fransaw
Elizabeth Bridges
Jaidan Jones
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Henley


Part Time

Shannon Foster-North




Sgt John Catoe
Jeffery Dean
Ryan Hutcherson
Sgt Mark Simon
Sgt. Matt VanEgmond
Curtavius Watts
Kasey Ballard
Gordon Denman
Angelo Vela
Mary Jordan
Michael W Molnes
Zachary Allen


Part-time Deputies

Detric Murray
Juan Noyola



Rocky Hoch


Sgt Mike P Molnes
Sgt Mike Combest

Jail Administrator 

Martha Jackson

Jail Lt.  

Donya Duke

Jail Staff

Sgt Marvin Ackley
A. C. Rains
John Lowery
Timothy Lowery
Sgt James Hallmark
Dustin Brown
Sgt Matthew Graham
Thomas Morgan Philllips
Sgt Weston Reeves
Sgt Theresa Hayes
Carl Smotherman

Johnny Romo
Mason King
Kade Almeida
Joshua Provins
Taylor Budro
James Lowery
Jeffry Catoe
Adrian Buckner

Part-time Jailers
Phileisha Mitchell
Suzanne McDaniel
Brenda Christian

Open Records Request

Please submit any Public Information Act requests pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office by one of the following methods: 


Mailing address: Randy Hargrove, Houston County Sheriff’s Office, 700A South 4th Street, Crockett, Texas 75835  

Hand delivery address: Randy Hargrove, Houston County Sheriff’s Office, 700A South 4thStreet, Crockett, Texas 75835 

Email: daisyh@co.houston.tx.us

Misc Information

If you wish to contact the Sheriff's Office regarding a compliment or complaint regarding a traffic citation or warning, you can do so by email at hcso@co.houston.tx.us; fax at 936-544-8061; phone at 936-544-2862 or or in person or by mail at 700A South 4th Street Crockett, Texas 75835


Visit VineLink to check the custody status of your Offender

Civil Process Fees: $100.00 for Citations, Subpoenas, Notices/$150.00 for Writs 
+ $50.00 an hour after two (2) hours
Go here to view Registered Sex Offenders in Houston County