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Notice of Meeting of the Houston County Election Board

Houston County Spay/Neuter Pet Program 2023-2024
Adopted by HC Commissioners Court October 10, 202
3 (see letter attached for details)
Vouchers available in the County Commissioners Assistant's Office located in the Houston County Courthouse Annex, 401 East Goliad, Suite 202, Crockett, Texas

Public Meeting on Hazard Mitigation Plan

County Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
Piney Woods Sanitation, Inc.
517 Hwy 69 North, Huntington, TX 75949
Phone : 936-876-5640
400 North Durrett, Crockett, Texas  75835


Emergency Alert Notification System


Rules of Procedure, Conduct, and Decorum at Meetings of the Houston County Commissioners Court

Ordinance for Houston County Lake
August 27, 2013

Mailbox Order
Mailbox Specifications

Fireworks Order for San Jacinto Day Holiday
Fireworks Order for Memorial Day Holiday

Truth in Taxation

Subdivision Regulations 

County Map with Precinct divisions

2022 Tax Abatement Policy and Guidelines

Notice of Public Hearing for Tax Abatement Vulcraft June 2020

Addresses for Courthouse & Annex
COURTHOUSE                                                                  ANNEX
401 E HOUSTON                                                       401 E GOLIAD

Juvenile Probation – Suite A                                           Historical Commission – Suite 100
Maintenance/Custodian – Suite B                                 Tax Office – Suite 101
District Attorney – Suite C                                               Elections – Suite 102
County Clerk – Suite D                                                     Veterans Services Officer – Suite 103
District Clerk – Suite E                                                     County Treasurer – Suite 104
District Judges/Coordinator – Suite F                           Grants Administrator – Suite 203
County Attorney – Suite G                                              County Judge – Suite 201
County Court at Law – Suite H                                       County Commissioners – Suite 202
                                                                                            County Auditor – Suite 204
                                                                                            Facilities Dept – Suite 205

Commissioners Court

New Dates set for County -Wide Large Item Trash Collection