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County Court at Law Judge
Honorable Sarah Tunnell Clark
County Court at Law Judge

Maria Lopez
Court Coordinator
Jennifer Aulds
Official Court Reporter
Doug King

County Court at Law
Houston County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
401 East Houston Avenue
Crockett, TX 75835
Ph: 936-544-3255 ext 230
Fax: 936-545-9605
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Monday – Friday 
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

The County Court at Law exercises the following jurisdiction in Houston County:

Cases filed through the District Clerk’s Office-
Family Law(Concurrent jurisdiction with the District Courts)
-Child Support Enforcement
-Suits Affecting Parent Child Relationships
-Protective Orders (Family Violence)
-Name Change
Juvenile Law (children 10 years to under 17 years)
-Criminal violations, Delinquent Conduct & CIN
Cases filed through the County Clerk’s Office-

-Criminal Law Class A & B Misdemeanors and Class C appeals
-Probate Matters
-Guardianships – Guardianship Forms
            Accounting Checklist
  Accounting Cover Sheet
            Annual Account Form
  Court Instructions Guardian Estate
            Court Instructions Guardian Person
  Court Instructions Guardian Person Estate
            Guardianship Annual Report of Person
  Guardianship Letter Request Form
            Report Income Expenses worksheet
  Report Representative Payee Report
            Safekeeping Agreement Form 
  Safekeeping Court Order Form
            Summary of Duties Guardian Person
  Summary Ongoing Duties Guardian Estate
            Guardianship Texas Bill of Rights
  Physicians Certificate Medical Examination

-Mental Health Cases
-Civil Litigation (Amount exceeds $500 but does not exceed $200,000)
-Condemnation Litigation
-Occupational Driver’s License Petitions

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