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Terri Meadows
County Clerk


Terri Meadows, County Clerk

The Courthouse has one entrance open that is located on the West Side of the Courthouse. You need to come underneath the stairs through the handicap entrance. You are required to wear a mask and have your temperature taken to enter the Courthouse. Once you are in the Courthouse you will need to come up one flight of stairs, or step on the elevator and press 1.
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936-544-3255, ext. 239
Houston County Courthouse
401 East Houston Avenue, First Floor
Crockett, Texas 75835

Hours: 8:15 am until 4:15 pm

Gwen Womack
Chief Deputy Clerk /Criminal Records
Extension 239

Debbie Williamson
Senior Deputy Clerk/Probate/ Guardianship
Extension 241

  Belinda Hinson
Deputy Clerk/Land and Deed Records Clerk
Extension 242

Mailing Address:
401 East Houston Avenue, First Floor
Crockett, Texas 75835

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March 2021


A Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale is what’s commonly referred to as a Foreclosure Sale Notice. The sales are conducted by the trustee acting on behalf of the mortgage lender and are held the first Tuesday of every month on the East Side of the Houston County Courthouse located at 401 E. Houston Avenue. The time(s) of the sales are indicated on each notice.


The County Clerk’s office does not produce a list of the foreclosure postings. Notices of all properties to be sold are posted on the first floor of the Houston County Courthouse located in the center of the square at 401 E. Houston Avenue. The posting is inside of a glass bulletin board located on the west wall. All notices for the sales must be posted 21 days prior to the sale. Copies of individual notices may be purchased for $1 per page from the Records Office located on the first floor of the Houston County Courthouse.


The County Clerk’s personnel does not conduct the sale or have any information about the specifics of the sale. The sale is conducted by the trustees on behalf of the lenders.


    ·  $14 per posting

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Official Records Cost

Documents-Recording in Official Public Records, First Page                                                                   


         Each additional page or part of a page  $4.00
         Each attachment of rider  $4.00
         Any re-file - Regular filing fee plus   $4.00
         Any instrument to be recorded in 2 records
 Double Filing Fee
Abstract of Judgement  $26.00  Regardless of number of pages
Assumed Name Certificate  $24.00  Regardless of number of pages
Withdrawal of Assumed Name Certificate  $24.00  Regardless of number of pages
Federal Tax Liens  $31.00
Release of Federal Tax Lien
State Tax Liens  $16.00
Release of State Tax Liens  $16.00
Hospital Liens  $26.00
Notice of Substitute Trustee's Sale  $14.00